01.26.15Battle For Wakarusa 2015

James & the Devil are currently in competition for a time slot @ Wakarusa 2015!!! We could really use all the support we can get! With that being said- We are coming to win!!! We need ALL our Rebel-Rouser's down at Cervante's Masterpiece Ballroom on Thursday 1/29. This is going to be a fierce battle, but rumor has it if you win three times, you don't have to battle anymore. So we really want to drill this one into the ground, defending our title, and possibily getting to perform at Wakarusa 2016!!!

9:00 - 9:40 - JJ Evanoff
9:55 - 10:35 - Greener Grounds
10:50 - 11:30 - Bill Smith
11:45 - 12:25 - James and the Devil
12:40 - 1:20 - Human Agency

Doors will open at 8:00pm,


James & The Devil

01.22.15Dedication to Dave Ross/ How was the band name created?

I want to commend David Ross on all the work he has put into the band. He was there when I started with Adam Herman, back in the Capricorn days of Colorado. When he was playing in a band, as a member of Sol Vista! Which totally slayed by the way! If U were lucky enough to catch one of their shows, U would know. When Sol Vista left Colorado Dave decided to stay to keep pursuing his musical career, rather than move back to New Mexico with the rest of his Sol Vista brothers. We joined our forces and shortly after that changed the name of the band back to the original name Adam Herman had chosen back in the MO, James And The Devil!!! They kept telling us we had to get the Devil out of our name or you'll never be successful, but it never meant anything Satanic to us. It was just another clever way of representing a ying-yang to me, describing a man vs his personal demons. But honestly, it just sounded more appealing than Jim and Adam's Acoustic Duo.

Dave U are the man, I have never met anyone so humble about his talents in my life like U. Just wanted to Thank U for over 8 years of your service, taking care of our 3 van's we've burnt through, letting us know when we were making foolish decisions, housing the band for the first 4 years, and being like a bigger brother to me. It's still my pleasure to rock out every show with U. Thank U for telling us what the people in the bible-belt wouldn't: "We should go by James and the Devil again!!! I like it ;)" -fiddler


01.22.15AdRock LovE

Adam Carpenter is more like the Wizard of Awes when U take a step back and look at all the stuff he has done for the band; Booking J&TD shows, the mastermind behind the curtain for 7-8 years now, performing bass in pro-fashion ever since I can remember, and rarely if ever makes mistakes live. He has consistently proven himself to be the biggest leader of group, guiding are ship around the rocks with his logical way of looking at things. In the beginning when we weren't getting paid, he found ways of opening new doors to different venues by being social, and keeping us on "up and up" with the Colorado music scene. Thank U Adam for being the most badass person I have ever met! We couldn't have done any of this without U. I appreciate all the hard work U have invested in J&TD. I like to believe we share the same vision of the dream and U keep my fantasies anchored and realistic, when I am floating to close to the clouds.

Thank U brother,

01.21.15Brain Cancer Update

Hey All, just wanted to let everyone know, Jim, is okay. He was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme, grade 4, brain cancer last June, and has been dealing with radiation and chemotherapy ever since. His most recent MRI shows the tumor bed just barely receding. There is no increased blood flow to the area, suggesting the tumor itself is not growing anymore.

His blood counts have been too low to receive his chemo these last five weeks. But luckily a miracle happen last Tuesday. After coming to a critical low point, they nearly quadrupled from under 27,000 platelets to 117,000 (6,000 at his lowest point) & his White Blood Cell count went from .9 to 4.9!

This is great news as he can start chemo again. We genuinely appreciate all your blessings while he deals with his trying times. Jim's philosophy is "if U think it's healing me, then I think it's healing me". Thank you for all your continued prayers, love, and light, on Jim's behalf, whatever we're doing it's helping.

Carpe Annum,
James & The Devil

01.21.15New Album Update

I hope you all are as excited as we are for the release of our new album, "Show Me Everything" due to come out sometime in the spring of 2015. Kurt Bradley will be mixing and producing the album for us, and boy are we excited!!! It will feature three different cameo's on throughout the collection, including: Ron Logan on saxophone for a track, Jonathon Huge on dobro for another, and Kurt is also going to throw an organ on the last song. It will incorporate new versions of Jekyll and Generic Love Song remixed and remastered. We have put a lot of time, work, and production into this project. The album is pretty diverse, you can definitely tell how each band member was influenced by something different on every song.

"We're not interested in recording in the same style twice on an album, give me a show, show me what you got, what sets you a part?" The album will display several different genres, working in tandem with each other, to tell a bigger story. We can't wait for you to hear it!" -Jim

James & the Devil

01.21.15Briiiiaaann Knaaappp!!!

Brian Knapp is the newest member of J&TheD, putting in over 1 years time traveling and learning the ways of our band, and boy he knows his stuff- total professional who has real passion for music. I just want to take a moment to commend him on his dedication to the band. I thought it would take a lot longer to gel, and get our chemistry back ever since I got brain surgery, but he was there most everyday, laying his dreams on the table, pouring his soul into the music, and writing new fresh songs for the band. His passion kept me invigorated as I was healing. He's still an adrenaline junky to this day, and loves to skateboard. He has the ambitiousness to match my own, I have been re-inspired to bounce back stronger, learn things I never took the time to, and strive to consistently out-do ourselves.

Falling off of our usual unruly weekend warrior routine, might have been the best thing to happen to the band. I thought we would get rusty, but that never happened. I feel like a got a second chance to re design my dream, and this time I have the focus and patience to do it right. I have new goals to make every performance count for our fans sake! I love smiling again on stage 8) Thank you, Brian Knapp for putting the work in when it really counted; during my battle with this cancer!!! I consider U family now!!!

my new brother,


12.10.13Winter Update

We are excited to be back at UI Studio in Boulder! The new record is coming along nicely. We're expecting to drop "Checking For Signs of Life" in the Springtime of 2014. It has been a good year for us; we performed at SummerCamp, and Arise, won the Best of the West Contest, and performed at Red Rocks this summer (videos coming soon!!). We are really looking forward to returning to Ullr's in Winter Park- we miss ya'll. And can't wait to shred up Steamboat Springs for New Year's Eve!!! We appreciate everyone's support and will continue to create new sets for ya'll. Here is an updated schedule of our future shows to come.

DEC 13 Conor O'Neill's Boulder, CO
DEC 14 Ullr's Winter Park, CO
DEC 31 Ghost Ranch Steamboat Springs, CO
JAN 03 Marquis Theater Denver, CO
JAN 17&18 Wooden Nickle Bloomfield, CO
FEB 08 Cervantes' Denver, CO
FEB 15 Hahn's Peak Hahn's Peak, CO near Steamboat

Stay Tuned for additional dates to be announced!!

05.22.13Spring Update

Hey Friends, Rebel-Rousers, and Fellow Music Lovers,
We are at the peak of our Battle Season, we have taken home three consecutive Battles and we have one more final battle left to win, Denver Westword sponsored, Best of the West IV. Winner of this final Battle will go on to perform at Red Rocks Amphitheater this summer for a sold out Film on the Rocks and thus we NEED ALL OF OUR ROWDY ROCKERS to come out and BATTLE with us. The Final battle is on Friday April 27th at Herman's Hideaway and we will have your free VIP discount tickets ready next week that will save you a grip of money.

The Denver Westword has also nominated us for Best Avant-Pop Band of 2013, and if Voted-in (through on-line voting by you beautiful people) could be performing for the giant, city-wide Westword Music Showcase this year!
If you have a moment to fill out a ballot, click on this link:-----> http://polls.westword.com/polls/den/musicshowcase2013/

James and the Devil is happy to announce the signing to Creative Management Innovations (CMI). We have also begun planning for the next Full Length release, scheduled to be released this summer! We have been working on the song selection for the last year or so and are now ready to start building the new record.

We are anxious to tour our new sets this summer, and will be attending a handful of Music Festivals and large musical events.
May 23-26 Summer Camp Music Festival (Chilicothe, IL)
June 22nd Westword Music Showcase (Denver, CO)
June 22 WhiteWater Festival (Canon City, CO)
July 2 Red Rocks Amphitheater (Morrison, CO)
July 19-21 MntX Music & Arts Festival
Aug 2-4 Phibstock (Hartsel, CO)
Aug 15-18 Arise Music Festival (Loveland, CO)
Aug 23-24 Meekerpalooza (Meeker, CO)
With many more additional shows around Colorado and the country being listed as the year goes on.
We hope very much to see you all at a coming up show and possibly a battle.
We love and value your friendship and support through the years and are so happy to have been able to share the past 6 amazing years with you!!

04.18.12J&TheD at Desert Rocks Festival in May!

We are excited to announce our performance
at the 2012 Desert Rocks Music Festival June 7-10 in Green River Utah. Our FIRST 10 fans to use the promo code
“jamesandthedevil" will receive a $10 discount when buying tickets online at www.des...ertrocks.org, even if your not the first 10, use the promo code to let Desert Rocks you are there to party with J&TheD!! On the
website you will also be able to see the full lineup of bands, workshops, artists, and adventure packages.

Page 5

This inspiring, adventure filled weekend of soul satisfying beats will accompany a mind-bending celebration of
consciousness under the blanket of a sultry desert sky. In 2012, the Desert Rocks Music Festival will create an
interactive collective experience with the intention of "Celebrating Consciousness" by integrating world-class

Desert Rocks, LLC - Promotion Contract
visionary music, speakers, artists and performers alongside art installations, conscious films, workshops, and
poetry... allowing you to celebrate your mind, body, & spirit while having a raging time!
Desert Rocks is proud to announce that the festival has moved to the mystical Jenk Star Ranch, nestled just
one mile from the beautiful beaches along Utah's Green River. The Jenk Star Ranch is a privately owned parcel
of land in complete desert isolation, adorned with magnificent giant sculptures and interactive art installations.
The low-impact desert landscape features beautiful cliffs and vistas are perfect for this large-scale music
festival's amazing light shows and booming sound systems. The town of Green River is central to SLC, Denver,
and Vegas and has many fairly priced hotels. Green River also has an Amtrak and Greyhound Station, making it
possible to get to the event by bus or train. The new venue is literally 90 minutes closer to SLC and Denver
compared to the old venue at Area BFE. Desert Rocks will have a shuttle bus running between the festival
venue, the bus/train stations, Green River hotels, and the beach! This means festival patrons have the option to
"Go Green" by using public transportation. The venue is also the home of "Building Man - Sustainable Living,
Arts, and Music Festival" (May 17-20) and "Melon Nights" (Sept).

05.02.11Altitude Sickness for Sale, Denver CD Release Party this Friday, Waka PreParty next Sat at The Gothic!

Our new album, Altitude Sickness is up and available for purchase on CDBaby at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/jamesandthedevil and will be up for sale on ITunes in the next week!!
Our Denver CD Release Party is this Friday at The Oriental Theater (44th and Tennyson) and we will be playing with some awesome bands!! The night will start with Twine!, Rowdy Shadehouse Funk Band, Slaughterhouse Roots and J&TheD will be closing out the Festivities!! There will be ART hung by the DCM (DenverCreativeMovement) and we art planning one hellofa light show! 18+ without a gaurdian, $10 at the door or online at www.TheOrientalTheater.com

If you can't make the CD Release we have a huge show the following weekend, Sat May 14th at The Gothic Theater in Denver with The Kinetix, The Congress & Bemused! Its a Wakarusa PreParty and we will be giving away 2 Passes to this years Festival!!
We have preSale tickets that will save you a bundle and this one will SELLOUT so get yo tickets early!! We play 2nd and will start around 9-930 and Kinetix will be closing the show down, YOU REALLY WONT WANNA MISS THIS SHOW!!

12.12.10New Album Available for Pre-Order & Vote for J&TheD on to the Cover of Colorado Music Buzz

We are happy to announce that we have begun the Pre-Order process for our new FULL-Length Album. We setup a Kickstarter project page that allows our fans, friends and family to pre-order the album in different increments getting you bigger and better things. The pre-order goes until the 2nd weekend in Feb so there is no hurry but the sooner the better for us;)
We need funding to finalize the new album. Help us by pre-ordering your album, so we can complete our goal.
$10 you receive a digital copy as soon as we are finished
$20 we will sign your copy and send it to you (or you can pick it up at a show)
$100 bucks you will receive the autographed CD, get an audio shout-out on the album, and become a guest on our VIP CD Release Party List.

We are also in an online battle of the bands currently, which will go until the last week in Dec. After this online round we wil have the chance to play shows with 20 of the best bands in Denver. We would love your support once we finalize the dates on the LIVE battles, but until then we would LOVE for you to go to http://www.coloradomusicbuzz.com/index.asp?mode=bandwagon
and vote for us as your favorite Colorado band. Right now we are in 2nd place in the online voting, which means we already made it into the live battles but if we can push up into 1st place in the online polls we get 16 hrs. of FREE recording time, this could mean an extra sibngle for the album or just a new song we get the studio time to record. So, if ya get a chance swing by
and show us your LOVE cuz we LOVE you!

08.12.10Bonfire Directions - FREEFREEFREE ComeOneComeALL


Saturday August 14th 2010

You are invited to a Summer Bonfire at the McKee Ranch in

Golden/Coal Creek Canyon.

Bring a Tent, Some friends and Lots of Beer and join us this year

*Party Starts at 4pm and ends when you can’t take any more!

-Live Music

-Horse Shoes

-Volley Ball

-Other field games

Bring a Side dish of your choice to contribute to the bonfire before the party begins.

We will provide breakfast burritos and juice in the morning to help you re-coop from the night before.

You are more than welcome to bring a tent and camp the night out. We actually prefer that you stay if you have been drinking. The roads to the ranch can be unforgiving!! Ask your close friends and family to join in on the fun if you would like as well.

******Please leave Firearms and Dogs at home

*If you have any question you can contact

Bobby at 303 435 2414 or Dora at 720 435 8278 anytime before the Bonfire

The day of the Bonfire if you can not reach either of us on our cells

Call the ranch house at 303 642 7476. Cell phones do not always receive service in areas.


Main intersections are Hwy 72 and Hwy 93 just outside Golden, Boulder and Arvada.

-Coming from Golden -Colfax and 6th Avenue (by Jeffco Court House)

Take 6thAvenue West, it will turn into Hwy 93

At inter section Hwy 72 and 93 take a left and head west to Blue Mountain Dr.

It will be your first left at the end of the straight away.

Blue Mountain Dr. to your second right Ute Dr. this is a dirt road.

Follow the winding road up to top of mountain. You will come to a sharp switchback with a sign that reads RODGERS (there is a large tree at the corner of the switchback) take a right follow through open gate to a fork in the road and take another right. Follow dirt road keeping to your right. . If you cross cattle guard TURN AROUND! Follow the road down to a crossing with three gates open and CLOSE the gate behind you. You will see the fire


There are Horses to look out for as well as ranch dogs.


-Coming from Arvada 88th and Wadsworth

Take 88th out to Indiana and Hwy 72

Head west across intersection Hwy 72 and 93 to Blue Mountain Dr.

Blue Mountain Dr take a left and follow to your second right Ute Dr. this is a dirt road.

Follow the winding road up to top of mountain. You will come to a sharp switchback with a sign that reads RODGERS (there is a large tree at the corner of the switchback) take a right follow through open gate to a fork in the road and take another right. Follow dirt road keeping to your right. . If you cross cattle guard TURN AROUND! Follow the road down to a crossing with three gates open and CLOSE the gate behind you. You will see the fire


There are Horses to look out for as well as ranch dogs.

05.04.10May 2010

Greetings! J &The D will be staying Local for the Month of May hitting some great Denver area Venues. As usual, Thanks for coming out and Get'n Down! See you at the next Show. -James and the Devil

12.07.09Past, Present & Future

Hey ya'll Devil-heads wanted to say thanks to all that have been rockin out at shows and stayin in touch with us, makin us who we are!! Recently we got the chance to open up for the Steamboat band Missed The Boat at Three20South in Breckenridge and it was an awesome chow! If you get the chance to checkem out you should!! We are headin this weekend to Winter Park, rockin out @ Ullr's the newly renovated and badass club in the heart of WP! We love it up there! We get to party with some of our best fans and friends, including Squeeks (Scott), Rebecca, Corri and all the bar tenders and sound and light peeps!! They rock!! Come party with us if ya get a chance, we have all sorts of new stuff and even a Rock'n'Roll Christmas tune!

06.23.09Rockin out in Estes Park

This Friday (6/26) we will be rockin out on the Estes Park River Walk right outside of Sgt. Peppers Music in downtown Estes. We will then be heading to the Rock Inn where we will be recording our live show in our first steps towards putting together a live album. Come out and party down with us up in beautiful Estes Park!!

06.11.09Gettin ready for the Silverton Jamboree

We are all super amped to be kickin off the Silverton Jamboree tomorrow with a late night set in town at The Grand Imperial Hotel...Then Sat. we are rockin out in Durango at the Summit...if your in the area come out and party with us!! See ya'll soon!!

02.18.08Show Review: The Circus 2/18/08

"Next up was James and the Devil over at Cervante’s. The Denver based favorite, JAD brought out quite a few peeps with an assist from the later time slot. James and The Devil gave us some sick jams laced with contagious energy. Their lively stage presence compliments their rowdy acoustic sound. Their set was one of my favorites from the night as they are just so much fun. "
-Trip Meadows, www.ColoradoJamScene.com