02.15.16Sam Rushton

Hey Guys,

When are you coming back to Winter Park to play at Ullrs?


Would love to y'all to my place.
Give me a shout whenever


hi james its me again , if you could would you be able to send me a cd?tooTED DAHL[tater]30999 cr 15 las animas co 81054 if you ever see DEB & JR tell them I said hi and i miss them. THANKS AGAIN, TATER.




Hi, I am a huge fan of your music and can't wait to see you guys perform again. Any idea when your next show will be in Colorado?

Thanks in advance.



Are you guys still playing together? I haven't seen any new show dates for a while, I hope I get to hear you again!


This message is for the Bri Man -

This is Michael Ronnebaum, I hope you are well my man! Glad you are rocking out brotha! The universe made you to play music - if there is anything I can do at Krystal 93 to help expedite your career - let me know mang!!! Take care and as I always say \"whats a condom?\"


07.21.15Lou Ann

Are you playing August 8 at hahns peak in steamboat? You are on their calendar but not on your calendar.

07.07.15John Murphy

Hey Guys, I heard you play at WP last weekend and I was blown away. I loved it. Your lead guitar may have noticed me recording on my iPhone. I am from Austin, TX, and I have kids who are 23, and 25 in their own rock band and I sent them a clip of the vid. they loved it.

I LOVE the violin and the lead guitar. The violin gives a rock band that extra touch, just like a keyboard does, imho. And the violin player was great at improv!

I am a big fan of Stevie Ray Vaughn. Lots of bands have guitar, bass and drums. But many of his best songs had that "4th element". In this case, a keyboard that rocked. You have a violin player that rocks. And at times, a sax player!

I am just an ordinary Christian, and I will be praying for Jim and victory in the cancer battle.

You guys got me excited about live music! I will be buying and downloading your CD soon.

Rock on!

John Murphy
Austin, TX

06.27.15Kerri Bloyd

Hey! So good to see you guys back @ the Royal Gorge Whitewater festival this year!!! So nice to talk to you James! My husband and I drive up from Denver just to hear you! Love your music, all my prayers and best wishes to you...We will look for you in Denver !

05.31.15Jeff Garbaz

I will be working video for Garbaz Concert Visuals at Summer Camp and Wakarusa. Most of the "visuals" happen at night. During the day we are available to record your performance on DVD shot with 2-3 angles with a feed from the sound board as audio. We mix the angles on the fly. You get the DVD soon after the show on site.

Too often your music is misrepresented by crappy drunken smart phone videos with bad audio. Wakarusa is a big gig, you may want to capture it.
This is perfect for You Tube, EPK or live DVD footage.

Send me a message if you have any questions or you’re interested.
Check us out on facebook at: www.facebook.com/GarbazVisuals.

There are countless artists we’ve worked with or shot, and some of you we’ve probably worked with before as well, but to name a few:
Slightly Stoopid, Skrillex, The Flaming Flips SOJA The Infamous Stringdusters Trombone Shorty Del McCourey Keller Williams Monophonics Robert Randolph Tedeski/Trucks Joe Bonamasso Zeds Dead And the list goes on.

My cell is 716-573-4272, give me a call or if you need an example google You Tube my channel is Garbovision and my Weezer video is close to 50k views.

05.28.15Marcus Bobbitt

Would you mind putting Kings Live Music in Central Arkansas on your list to contact next time you all are routed through Central Arkansas? I am booked up until August but would love to talk to someone for future dates. Much Love! -Marcus Bobbitt, Kings Live Music, Owner, kingsconway@gmail.com

05.04.15Kristen Meyer

Hi guys! I know you might be playing at state bridge and we want to book a cabin and float the river that day. I know you have a lot going on but what day are you planning on playing there? Thanks!

03.30.15Nikki Paulsen

Hi guys!!! Not sure if ya remember me (hope so)! I worked at Hahns Peak Roadhouse last year when I became introduced to your amazing music. I'm now living in Craig, Colorado and work in a bar called Cassidys. We want to have live music every other Friday and I NEED TO BRING YOU HERE!!! Please respond with interest in jamming for us and what your $price$ is!! Cassidys is located in the clarion hotel so your room-stay is provided. Food and booze ......officially, I think $200 ? I will not let you go thirsty or hungry if 200 doesn't cover it!! Hope to hear from you soon! Nikki (970)317-7140

01.15.15Theresa Sigurdson

James and The Devil I would to cover the band in next edition of ImpromptII. If you are interested please contact me at the email above. We can be found at www.impromptiionlinemag.com. Peace. t.


Caught a show in Steamboat, but live in MIssoula MT. You would do well in Missoula, college town and good small/medium venues, full of music lovers.

Think you could build a following.

Obviously enjoyed the show in Steamboat.


got your sunridge show on soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/starvedrockprod/james-the-devil-9-13-14

guitar was off voc mic, but still decent......

you can enter comments at varios points in the show and i can tweek it to your liking.

hope you all are doing well and get up here soon!


06.04.13Matthew Miller

Check you guys out at Summercamp! Awesome show! I got your sample! I hope to check you out in Chicago sometime! matt

03.20.13Olga Ascione

How much do you charge to play? Also when will your band be playing in Denver area again soon?


From Deb and my girl Allison, we couldn't make it but we are listeng to to you tonight hoping to see you soon. Junior misses y'all. He's a a big ol' cowboy dude!


Hey we were just at your concert. Would love to meet up for a cocktail. We were the
Ones who
Got a bunch of CDs

01.27.13Claire Southard

I know, weddings are beneath you .. However, it would make my dream wedding reception a reality.... Winter park in June??

01.15.13Heidi Andrews

Hey guys,
Wondering if you would ever consider a wedding show? We've worked at royal gorge rafting for 6 or so years, and love it when you play at the wwb&g! We are looking for a bluegrass band to play a few hours at the river ranch near the river, about 5 minutes from the bar and grill.
The date is September 21, let me know if there is potential to work something out.
Heidi and DC


Saw in Steamboat tonight, you were great!! Think you guys would sound great playing a couple Steve Earle songs, Galway Girl and Copperhead Road. Best of luck to you. Let us know if your ever in the Des Moines or Kansas City area!


audio production in Breck on 11/10/12
A call at your pleasure please. 9704681042

10.03.12Deb & Jr.

Hey Guys. Missing you!!!! I'm not sure if email is working. Lost my purse and everything but got my phone is on. Adam, please txt if you have the time. Are you doing battle of the bands this year? Jr is awesime as always. Is there a show close anytime soon & close? Would love to see you. I have the COOLEST J & D Dress!!!! Whoo! SURPRRIZE!!!!

09.25.12james noxon/MILLSITEINN ward colo

hi and how are you,just wanted to see if you wanted to play a show here at the millsiteinn ? my phone # is 303-459-3308 please give me a call

09.10.12Martha Rosenau


Great shows in Taos and Red River this weekend. Another idea on how to get more gigs booked in Colorado Springs (in case Amy doesn't move forward on this), is to contact KRCC. Vicky Gregor or Jeff Beeri will definitely want to book you at Armstrong Hall or outside on the Quad. CC students will lvoe your sound. KRCC's phone number is 719-473-4801. Ask for either Vicky or Jeff-if they aren't in studio or on air when you call, just leave them a voicemail. Vicky's show is 9 a.m. -12 p.m. weekdays and Jeff's is 12-1 p.m. weekdays.

One last contact so that when you play Canon City, you can play Salida Steam plant the next nite and make the trip south more productive...

Clark Roberts (719) 539-7636

Tell him I sent you. Thanks again for a great weekend.


08.10.12Jaclyn Hall/ David Henage

I love you guys! Can't stop listening to your cd! <3 Great combination of instruments :) Come to Arkansas one more time please!


Loved your show in Winter Park! How can i get disc of that show?

07.10.12Chuck Grewe

This is Chuck from the band WoolEye. We shared the Quixote's stage on Sunday July 1. There seemd to be a lot of connection between the two bands and I would like to see if we can develope that more, either with more shared gigs or some information sharing or whatever...we are open to anything that furthers the dream. Let me know what you are thinking.

06.28.12Alisa Saario

Greetings James And The Devil,

I’m writing to let you know about a free, easy way to promote your upcoming show at The Bluebird Theater on August 3rd (and all shows in the future).

DeliRadio.com — think “Pandora, but we stream only touring artists in local markets."

Right now we are working on a Bluebird Theater DeliRadio Station (http://dr.fm/MEqONy) to promote all its upcoming shows, and we want James And The Devil's music included!

Getting James And The Devil's music and photos in DeliRadio is a snap, simply pick how you want the profile to be created:

1. Do It Yourself: Head over to www.deliradio.com - upload at least one original track and instantly import tour dates through our alliance with concert tracking site Songkick. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes.

— OR —

2. Have Us Build It! That’s right, if you don’t have time to make a profile you can fill out this consent form: http://blog.deliradio.com/consent, and leave it to us. We will build you a beautiful profile and then e-mail you the login info ASAP.

To learn more about DeliRadio, visit DeliRadio101 (http://deliradio101.com) and if you have more questions, feel free to let me know.


Alisa Saario
iPhone + Android: m.deliradio.com

“Taking music discovery to the next level." - Hypebot

“Extremely helpful for planning a concert-going experience." - MTV

“May give you an edge before your next show." – UrbanDaddy

“DeliRadio is definitely a good idea." - SF Weekly

“21st-century technology at work." - The East Bay Express

06.26.12Adam Caimi

Hey, I was at the Royal Gorge Whitewater Festival last weekend and saw you guys perform. Awesome show! You also got some goodies from my wife Lisa at the Bizzy Betty booth after the show.
Anyhow, I'm a video journalist for the Cañon Current (canoncurrent.com), and would like to use your music in the footage I am editing together. I will of course credit the band with the music, provide links and all that good stuff.
Unfortunatly all the live footage I shot has bad audio. I used a directional mic not realizing it would distort the sound so badly. Lesson learned I guess. However I may be able to dub in other audio, because the footage it pretty nice.

06.06.12Ginger Abeyta

Besides your Utah gig.....when are you coming back to Denver or there abouts so I can show my friends your badass band??? Thanks and looking forward to seeing you guys rock the hosue!!


you guy are the best but i've only seen you guy once.

05.19.12Liz Kirt

Hello, I was wondering if you do private events. The event would be in Steamboat Springs, CO. Thanks!

05.11.12John Fear

Hello James and the Devil,
My name is John Fear, I am a Fire Fighter here in Canon City, CO. I am writing you today about maybe playing for our annual Volunteer Firemen’s Dinner and Dance Fundraiser. This year it will be held on Aug 11th at the White Water Bar and Grill. CCFD is a combination fire department, meaning we are half paid and half volunteer. The event raises money for the local volunteer part of our department. I would love to speak further with you about the history of our event and the possibility of you highlighting our evening. You can contact me back by any one of these ways,
work: (719) 275-8666
cell: (719) 371-2227
email: jfear@canonfire.org

Looking forward to hear from you!!!!


Do you know when you will be on stage for the Desert Rocks Music Festival?


Hey guys my name is Kurt I am the new owner of the Lakewood Grill, a few of my employees and are looking to books some good bands and your name was brought up. Iwould love to talk to you about maybe booking some time for you guys to play here again.

Please contact me if your intrested at



Yall play the music to my life haha wish i could come see ya guys more often but hopefuly well see ya at the bluebird may 10

04.30.12Phil Lewis

Hi Guys, saw you last night at the Rock in Estes Park, absolutely blown over, we are on vacation from Wales in the UK, will laud your praises at home.

04.26.12John chotia

Would love to get some cd's any way to order online

03.09.12james barela

Saw you guys for first time couple years ago in red river. Awesome! Been wanting to go see a show in Denver ever since. Me and my girl gonna travel to Bloomfield to see you tomorrow. Fiddle player visiting family? Cant wait, know its gonna be a good time....james (another one, ha!)


Thank you all for doing what you do! The creativity & passion you bring to the stage is contagious. I've never been to a J & The D show where I didn't dance my heart out.... and i've seen a lot of sets. As matter of fact, I am listening to sip on this, all I have to do is close my eyes and I'm back in those special moments, dancing with all I got. Thank you again, Safe Travels and I am speaking for many when I say, Colorado can't wait!! to welcome you home with open arms! Coooooooooooome Dance with ME!

02.16.12Aj Henderson

I LOVe iT!!! Really...Let me know when you wanna play a show at a sic haunted bar in the mountains....

Aj Henderson
Promotions Director
Lucha at the Red Ram


Glad to see the band is having so much success!!
I don't have David's email any longer but tell him I said hi from Utah and that I am very happy for him!!


Once in Arkansas, again in Boulder.
Rocked it both times, Thanks guys. Keeping Peace, Callie

01.14.12Don Varga

Hey Jim!! I got to thinking about your comments regarding the evolution of your band. Find "Private Eyes" by Tommy Bolin (spectaclar Boulder gurtarist who died in the seventies); all the songs are great but the one I thought about for you guys is "Shake the Devil!" I've been trying to get someone to harvest some of this fabulous music to make it live again but I've had no apparent succes yet! You want to get that fiddle screaming with a rock sound then I would check out all of the Starship's stuff with Papa John. Oh, I hate the red website too even though I understand!


Gotta few great pics from your last Steamboat show couple weeks back, got an email I can send 'em to?

12.13.11Skip perry owner Wrigley's

I am working on bookings for our outdoor patio for 2012, would like to talk about future dates.

11.06.11Lorraine Mollohan-Quiroga

Hi Guys!

We just saw your show last night and were blown away by your performance! One of our party inquired about an instrumental song you played at The Celtic Tavern and it's not on your CD. Is there a way we can get our hands on a recording of that song?

02.07.11Deb B

Where next? We're up for it. what a great show at Summit. YEAH YOU GUYS!!!! U R RAWSOME!!! Little Sublime always ROCKS!!! BTY.... Dave Ross ROCKS!!!!!
Kisses~ Tater and Deb (The Blonde ckick from Kaermitts)


Yo you guys are badass! I'm Cindy Dovnik's son and friend of Jeff Pound. I'm coming out to Colorado in the begining of June and you guys should let me know if your doing a show. My friends and I would love to see you guys perform. We are going to red rocks for the dispatch concert but r staying bout a week out there. Let me know. Or call my mom and tell her haha.


Man, I'm not goin' to pump up your ego's because you and I know there was no EGO involved with any of that tonight...(Lakewood Grill & Bar) New Sounds and environments...always good for those who want to make music for the LOVE OF MUSIC. RIght On. Namaste

11.16.10Deb & Doc

Had such a great time at Hermins. Thanks guys!!!! What a rawesome time!!! ;)

09.25.10chris herring

you guys are amazing loved the show you put on at the orchard and afts show


Hey, I heard rumor of a show in Lawrence, KS but don't see that on your list of shows. Will that be happening? If so I'd LOVE to know when since we really miss you guys AND we would like to try to get you guys to stop a little closer to us on your way through (Hutchinson or Wichita). I know some places that have live music on the weekends if you need help finding a place to play!

08.29.10Deb B

See ya at kermitts... GOOD GREEN CHILI and a good time. Dave~ Love your fiddle!!! ;)

08.26.10Mike Walker

Saw you at Winter Park early August. Go East my friends: "Music Farm" in Charleston, SC. You guys would rule that place. It's one of the hotest venues in the south. Check it out http://www.musicfarm.com/home.html

08.26.10Mike Walker

Do you have CDs for sale?

08.17.10Sharon Laine

Please add me to your maling list of events if you have one. Thank you. Will see you at Kermitts on the 29th!!!

08.10.10tanner glanz

Hey guys how's it going? I'm curious as to where exactly the show is this Saturday the14th,its my 30th bday and want to party with you guys and then go camping so this sounds like it'd work out beautifully. If you could get back to me it'd be greatly appreciated, Cheers. Tanner


Where exactly is the ClearCreek Bonfire? We live in Clear Creek and would love to hear you guys again. Can you give us an idea where in Clear Creek your playing.



Remember me? Saw you guys in Silverton late last summer (massage therapist? ring any bells? i know Dave from long ago)

Why no shows in Silverton??!! Bum deal dudes! WE REALLY MISS HAVING YOU! COME OUR WAY WOULD YA:)


07.19.10Dave Ross

From Blondie` Your favorite fan. I think I pissed off Doc at Kermits~ You ROCK with that fiddle of yours! WHOO- HOO!! :)
I showed my guns all the way home. LOL.
Hermins whena? Can't find it on the site.
Deb B.
Love all you guys. Next time we'll make sure we bring brownies. ;)


Thank you all for your visit to Moab this weekend. You were a delight to dance with and much fun to visit with through the night.
I look forward to seeing you again.
Good luck with all!
Karissa Thomas

07.08.10Brendan Streeter

hey man i went and saw your show in ned and you guys are amazing is there any new cd's i can buy? and would you guy's possibly be down to play in empire i can get you a gig up there just let me know and ill give you the guys number.
your awesome keep on blowing minds!

07.07.10Deb and Doc

Can't wait to see you at Kermits again!!! We have a date for July 18. David~ You ROCK!!!! Been playing downtown? That actually might be easier for me. Finally found your web site. WHOO HOO!!!!! Shoebox is an awesome song!!! As I mentioned, you rock David!!!! I am so impressed with your fiddle playing. I want my son to meet you.

We can't wait to hear a little Sublime!!!! Let's try Date Rape this time or 40 oz. of freedom. :)

I wanted to send some pics from Kermits to you. I will soon.
Deb and Doc

04.16.10Carl miller


hey guys you should be playing in this!

Hope all is well


04.02.10al mach

Have seen you guys @ 3 times in WP.....awesome.energetic jamming!!! I have a good bud who is director of security for Dave Mathews Band...gave him a copy of your cd...he loved you guys and was going to have the band check it out. See you the 17th!!!

03.19.10Kelly Hendricks

Hey heard you guys in Crested Butte back in Jan. Bummed I can't make the next show. Do you guys sell any CDs? I'm interested!

03.11.10james barela

Met you guys in red river. went outside for a "safety meeting" with y'all. Just checking out your website again and wanted to tell you that we go to red river every year for prez day weekend. This year was the best music we have ever had the pleasure of partying to. Dancing, drinking, smoking, all in all a damn good time had by all!! Hope you guys go to red river again, or come to albuquerque sometime. Also, gonna definitely try to go on a trip to denver to see you guys play this summer!!!! Thanks again!!! You guys are awesome!!

03.04.10Paul Salem

Hey We are all psyced about you guys playing the patrol convention. is it cool if I put a link on our site to this one? If you want to check it out its coloradopropatrol.com. this thing is always a huge party and with you on board I'm sure this year will be no exception. if you get me the promo stuff i'll get that on the web site too. Thanks again and see you at the Creek on the 12th!


I saw you guys perform at Ullr's in Winter Park last week and love your sound. I read on website that you had recorded an album that was set to be finished in fall of this year. I was curious if it was finished and if it can be purchased anywhere. Thank you


Saw you guys at the Grand Imperial on Saturday night. Really liked it. I was hoping you guys have an album I could pick up, but didn't see one on your site. If you have one, lemme know where I can get it.