June 16, 2014 I was driving home from work when my right leg seized up and floored the gas pedal, causing me to come just seconds away from crashing. Luckily, I was able to tell my right brain to hit the brakes with my left foot. With a foot on each pedal I was thankfully able to pull my car off to the side of the road. After a few minutes I was able to call my girlfriend Casey Starr Mercer and inform her that I thought I had just had a seizure. She was able to get to me quickly and immediately rushed me to the emergency room. I had a CT scan done, then an MRI. I was told that I had suffered a partial seizure and that the scans revealed a mass the size of a golf ball on my brain. I noticed that my right arm was weak and my speech was delayed. I was admitted to the hospital and met with the brain surgeon the next morning. To say the least, I was completely shocked. Thankfully my family dropped everything and came straight to Colorado to be with me. My band of brothers showed full support for me and put our touring schedule on hold. June 18th I underwent an emergency craniotomy in which the surgeon was able to resect 90% or more of the tumor. Due to the fact that some of the mass was protruding into my corpus callosum, the area that connects the two hemispheres of the brain, the surgeon was forced to leave some of the tumor in order to avoid causing permanent damage. Post-surgery involved re-teaching myself right side coordination in my arm and leg. Preliminary tests revealed that the tumor was malignant. Further pathology testing provided me with the full genetic makeup of the tumor, which was classified as grade four glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). I was told that this is one of the worst types of cancer and is incurable. I realized that it was going to take a lot of patience, courage, and determination to face this aggressive disease. Since all of this started I have had a massive amount of support through social media and in person. I am immensely grateful that so many people are looking out for me. In July I was able to start my 30 rounds of radiation therapy, once a day, Monday through Friday. I also started my first round of chemotherapy in tandem with radiation. Throughout multiple rounds of chemo my body did not react very well to multiple different chemo drugs, and therefore it has been difficult to establish a consistent dosage and regime for treatment. It has been an uphill battle but I have not lost hope that I will beat this! In April my MRI scan showed growth which is classified as a recurrence of disease. Since I had a recurrence I then qualified for a different drug called Avastin, a bi-weekly anti-angiogenesis drug, that has been shown to be effective with GBM. At this point I was able to see the silver lining despite the tumor progression. Unfortunately, after receiving only two doses of Avastin I had to go without my medicine for five weeks due to a brutal bug bite that opened and became infected all up my arm. A side effect of Avastin is that it can prevent wounds from healing and therefore it was unsafe for me to receive my medicine until my arm healed. In this time my tumor grew substantially, causing me to have disagreeable symptoms. The tumor is located on my frontal lobe and has started to affect my speech and motor functions since June (this year). I have since received three doses of Avastin and I am hopeful that the medicine is saturating the tumor. After viewing my latest MRI scan on July 8th, my neuro-oncologist gave me some tough news. He warned me that my loss of coordination and speech impairment may be permanent. As of now he expects that the Avastin will only slow the progression of the tumor but may not be able to get rid of it. I was just given a terminal prognosis of roughly one year. Although this has been hard to swallow I knew that this could be a possibility. No matter what I will not let this news hold me back from keeping hope that a miracle can happen. I have since started using high concentrated hemp oil that has been shown to shrink brain tumors. These treatments are costly and therefore my friends and family are coordinating a fundraiser in order to help me afford my fight to beat brain cancer. I am grateful for the continuous care, support, and love that I receive and will not stop fighting. My friends have gifted me with reflexology, vibroacoustic sound therapy, massage, and other forms of healing, of which I am very blessed.
Since June last year I have been able to find joy throughout my journey. Just a month after my brain surgery J&TD and I played at the Mishawaka Amphitheater to a sold out crow and Groove Music and Art Festival in Georgetown the following day! I just attended String Cheese Incident with Nahko and Medicine for the People at Red Rocks. J&TD has been able to play amazing shows including Ullrs Tavern in Winter Park, The Rock Inn in Estes Park, Three Rivers Tap House and The City Beer Festival in Farmington, NM, The Belly Up in Aspen, Hodi’s Half Note in Fort Collins, and most recently the White Water Festival in Canon City and Wakarusa Music Festival at Mulberry Mountain in Arkansas! There have been many more fun filled adventures along the way which have brought me balance and joyfulness throughout my trials. Most of all, a positive outlook has been the most useful aspect of this entire ride. Maintaining a healthy state of mind is crucial for someone going through what I am facing. Never give up! Keep fighting the good fight! As of now I have had to put music on hold in order to focus on healing. I am proud to say the James and the Devil is getting close to releasing our newest album titled “Show Me Everything". It will include guest musicians featuring dobro, saxophone, and keys/organ. It is going to be great!

James and the Devil invited some of the top musicians to add their instrumental voice to some select songs throughout the CD, Jon Huge on DoBro, Ron Logan on Sax and Kurt Bradley on Keys!

We were also lucky enough to get some top of the industry mixing and production help from close friend Kurt Bradley and world famous mastering from Chris Athens (Beastie Boys, Rick Ross, ACDC, NERD, Usher, Ozzy).

Touring and live shows came to a hault in July of 2015 because of the effects of cancer. So we started working tirelessly on completing the album.

On February 6th, we received our mastered tracks, and took them to the hospital so we could play them for Jim as the hospital staff would allow - sometimes testing their patience.

February 13th, 2016, Jim left his physical body to join the stars.

Show Me Everything is the embodiment of our brotherhood, love for music, tons of hard work and one of the most colossal artistic undertakings any of us have ever been a part of.

Jim was a one of a kind shooting star and we are indescribably grateful that he chose us to share his voice.

While merging rock, fiddle, modern pop, rap, and dance; J&theD has logged over 125,000 touring miles and counting, with a proclivity to consistently perform unforgettable genre-bending shows. Whether playing theaters or festivals, J&theD's high energy original music is poised to redefine Rock&Roll!

James and the Devil has been growing recognition and achieving success in the Colorado music scene since... 2009. They recently released a recorded set at Red Rocks Amphitheater, and a live CD/EP titled "Sample This". In 2013 they we're named Best "Avante-Pop" Band by the Denver Westword, and also Herman's Hideaway's Best of the West IV contest winners. They have proven time and again to be the victors of the Road to Summer Camp and Wakarusa Winter Classic battles, earning them performance slots at Wakarusa in '11, '14, '15; and at Summer Camp in '12 and '13. J&theD also won the title of Best Band in Denver by the CO Music Buzz in '11.

J&theD has released 3 studio albums, and are about finish their 4th; dropping in the Spring of 2015, titled "Show Me Everything". They are already working on their next big project and intend to continue writing new songs for "A Whole New Devil"

Formed in Denver, CO, James and The Devil perform their own brand of music, best described as rocky mountain rebel rock. Rhythm guitarist & lyricist, James (Jam) Campbell, brings a unique element, coming with an arsenal of clever song writing, rapidly delivering intense vocal performances while strumming rhythm on his acoustic. Leading the band on the violin, David (Dave) Ross, takes a progressive approach to his fiddle-style- the papa-bear of the group, draws from years of traditional experience, shredding his bow to whatever genre is thrown his way. Bassman, Adam Carpenter, holds down the low-end, with an extensive background in music theory, using synthesizers, to keep pushing the boundaries of sound- A slapping, singing, and dancing, machine. Drummer, Matt Stoner, keeps the thunder thumping, metal crashing, and the people moving. On lead guitar, Brian Knapp, AKA Master-Shredder brings a ton of experience with him adding newer advanced song styles to the repertoire, bringing new original songs to the table, and adding harmonizing vocals, joined the lineup to complete the 5-piece. Their songs are for every demographic, old and young. Their fans are made up of dreamers, drinkers, thinkers, smokers, and rebel-rousers.

They carry several messages, but the main one is ""Life's too short, so live the life you always fantasized about having while you still have your consciousness. Whatever your situation, find a way to tap the resources you have access to. There's no time worth wasting, so live in the moment as much as possible. Ask questions, make true connections, and if you don't have anything good to say, just listen. Learn to make your own independent decisions using your heart and be logical. Throw a healthy helping of love to everyone who crosses your path, and don't skip yourself while you're divvying it up. I have found out that love comes back to you even stronger the more you give it away. Don't wait until your laying on your deathbed to make everything right- do it now" -Jam

Find us on ITunes, Facebook, Twitter, ReverbNation, Amazon and at www.JamesAndTheDevil.com

James and The Devil is...
Jim Campbell - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Adam Carpenter - Bass, Vocals
Dave Ross - Fiddle
Matt Stoner - Drums
Brian Knapp - Electric Guitar, Vocals

"These guys are the ultimate Colorado band...Rather than classify them in just one genre, they should just be called “Colorado style rock." 303 Magazine

"James and the Devil brought it. Big time. Dedicated fans, incredible musicianship and a stage presentation that people talk about the next day to their friends." Swami, CO Music Buzz Magazine

“As anyone whos heard the acts music can tell you, fusing styles is something in which James and the Devil clearly excels."
Jon Solomon, Denver Westword Magazine 2013

“Violinist/Vocalist Dave Ross is an incredibly talented individual and brought a down-home country vibe to their sound that I absolutely loved. This vibe was paired with hip-hop style lyricism from lead vocalist James Campbell, as well as some tight vocal harmonies that really rounded out their sound. These elements of music were not things that I envisioned would work well together, but James and the Devil did an excellent job in fusing together seemingly opposed genres in a way that felt natural, organic, and new. I had no idea what to expect when they took the stage, and was thoroughly impressed by the time their set was through."
GetAlive Music Magazine – Schavski 2012

Performed at Red Rocks Amphitheater to a sold out Film on the Rocks July 2013, Best Of The West - All Around (Westword) 2013; Best Avante-Pop Band (Westword) 2013; Best Band in Denver (Colorado Music Buzz) 2011; Wakarusa Music Festival’s Best Band in Denver 2011, 2014, 2015; Summer Camp Music Festival’s Best Band in Denver 2012; 2013

Festival Appearances:
Summer Camp Music Festival 2012, 2013; Wakarusa 2011; Arise Festival 2013; Desert Rocks Music Festival 2012; Westword Music Showcase 2013; FortoberFest (FortCollins, CO) 2013; Phibstock 2013; Whitewater Music Festival 2011, 2012, 2013; FibARK Festival 2011; Bongathon 2010; RedFest 2012 (RedRiver, NM); Ridgeway River Festival 2011, 2012